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Amazing Billing Solutions is one of the nation’s top revenue cycle management companies. Our customers benefit from excellent communication, prompt response times, and outstanding follow-up and management of denied claims.
Our specialty is aging accounts receivable (AR) recovery. We pursue all old claims with the help of our dedicated team of Aging A/R specialists. You can count on us for help if your in-house billing team cannot keep up with aging. With our end-to-end medical billing services, we ensure maximum reimbursement for our clients while reducing overall costs, rather than just monitoring your account, we actively manage it.

Medical Billing Services

Our end-to-end medical billing services provide maximum reimbursement for our clients while reducing overall costs. We don’t just monitor your account we actively manage it.

AR Recovery Services

We are specialized in Aging A/R recovery. We pursue every old claim by assigning our dedicated team of Aging A/R specialists. If your in-house billing team can’t keep up with Aging, we can help!

Key Features.....

Get maximum reimbursement at minimum cost as our end-to-end medical billing services don’t just monitor your account and do easy claim submission but actively manage it from top to bottom to improve financial performance of your practice.


Eligibility Check

We confirm every patients’ insurance eligibility to streamline your process, shorten account receivable days, and avoid denials.


Charge Entry

Get timely reimbursement as our detailed and error-free charge entry process ensures first-time approved claim submission.


Claim Scrubbing

Our top-of-the-line claim scrubbing ensures error-free and clean claims are submitted for faster reimbursement.


Patient Statements

Sends clear patient statements that are simple, easy to read, understandable, and more likely to get paid on the time easily.


Patient Help Desk

Streamline and enhance all patient interactions from scheduling and billing to post-encounter communication.


Payment Posting

Post ERAs and EOBs in a timely manner as our team of experts verifies each claim for appropriate payment while our A/R team.


Encryption and Security

Our medical billing software is compliant with HIPAA regulations. We ensure no leakage of patients’ data while processing any information.


Customized Reports

Get comprehensive insights into your payment, charges or adjustments trends for every billing entry with amazing billing solutions.


Follow-up & Appeals

Amazing Billing Solutions A/R specialists will take swift and effective action to ensure timely reimbursements, keeping you up-to-date on appeals.

Complete Medical Billing Solution

Amazing Billing Solutions is an all-in-one medical billing company with a comprehensive suite of healthcare IT products and services with a dedicated world class team of experts ready to help your business maximize profitability, increased collection rates and minimize denied claims. Our specialists get you up and running within no time at all, taking care of your aged accounts, following up on all claims to ensure timely reimbursements.

We stay in touch with you to keep you up-to-date, each step of the way.  We at Amazing Billing Solutions Medical Billing Company believe in a more patient-centric approach and real-time results, proving why you can always count on us. We offer end to end revenue cycle management.

Our Automated Workflow

Electronic Scrubbing

Validate that a claim is appropriate and accurate for submission. It’s intricate cleaning of a claim prior to submission.

Claim Submission

Paperless patient claim is transmitted to a health insurer or other third-party payer for processing and payment.

Denial Management

Account Receivables (AR) for successful submissions. Denial management by identifying, managing, monitoring and resubmission.

Patient Scheduling

Save time by setting a sequence of recurring appointments. Adjust any appointment in the series as needed.

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